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Situated in the heart of Saar, in a new compound right opposite to Saar Cinema (it’s the one with the DNA-looking fence, you can’t miss it), Villa Mamas turned out to be quite a delight with a Bahraini food menu that is hard to get outside of a “real mom’s” kitchen.

I’ve been hearing…

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I’ve been suffering from movie-deprivation recently & I finally caught a break & went to see the February box office leader “Act of Valor”.

To sum up the film’s plot I’d put it this way: “Action unfolds for a group of Navy soldiers as a small rescue operation turns out to be bigger & riskier than what they bargained for. Fast-paced action with big explosions & some OMG moments.”

Every year Hollywood throws upon us a few US Airforce/Navy-centric movies that aim to praise the American way of life, its death-defying patriotic soldiers, & over the top Red, White & Blue moments. Now don’t get me wrong, some of my favorite & best movies ever made fall into that category. I’ve watched Saving Private Ryan countless times & just last year “War Horse” went all the way to the Oscars. However some movies just over do it. I felt that way about Act of Valor & here’s why…

If you are still reading & not discouraged then I’m gonna tell you what’s good about Act of Valor & what makes it stand out from the rest of the movies in its genre. One quote I liked by a viewer was “The Call of Duty movie that never was..”. That is true, the pace of the film, the way characters are introduced & plot unfolds gives a feeling you’re in a video game. Some beautiful ariel shots throughout the film & I think one of the most amazing things was the fact that Real US Navy members took part in the film, as well as the fact that the film was shot using a Canon SLR Camera!

I loved how each single member of the team was introduced with a rich backstory so you feel like you can relate to them, something most action films just seem to ignore. Act of Valor had some of the best jaw-dropping moments I’ve seen on the big screen but I just couldn’t shake the feeling that the movie is trying too hard which kinda made me feel disconnected at times. But I can totally understand now why such a movie would reign the box office in the US.

Final Verdict: 7/10

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Chronicle is one of those movies that you better walk into without any idea whatsoever about the film’s plot or anything because for me I saw the trailer & went in which kinda spilled the whole plot. That being said, you may proceed reading my review of the film.

The plot revolves around 3 teenage highschool students who after a certain incident discover they have newfound super abilities. The teenagers chronicle their day to day life coping with these abilities. It felt like a cross-over between Tim Kring’s “Heroes” TV Series & J. J. Abrams “Cloverfield”.

Without going further into the plot I just wanna say that this is not your average superhero type of movie & NO I don’t mean it’s like Will Smith’s Hancock. The real life documentary type of shooting puts Chronicle in a class of its own. [Spoiler] The flying scenes were simply breathtaking. Superman WHO?! [Spoiler]

For superhero fanboys this film is a MUST & if you want to watch something interesting then you’ll be in for a ride as well! Nice take on adolescence & coming of age drama with a superhero twist. I give it 8/10!

ps. This post will be edited later with pics/videos once I’m back behind my laptop screen =)

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