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Chronicle is one of those movies that you better walk into without any idea whatsoever about the film’s plot or anything because for me I saw the trailer & went in which kinda spilled the whole plot. That being said, you may proceed reading my review of the film.

The plot revolves around 3 teenage highschool students who after a certain incident discover they have newfound super abilities. The teenagers chronicle their day to day life coping with these abilities. It felt like a cross-over between Tim Kring’s “Heroes” TV Series & J. J. Abrams “Cloverfield”.

Without going further into the plot I just wanna say that this is not your average superhero type of movie & NO I don’t mean it’s like Will Smith’s Hancock. The real life documentary type of shooting puts Chronicle in a class of its own. [Spoiler] The flying scenes were simply breathtaking. Superman WHO?! [Spoiler]

For superhero fanboys this film is a MUST & if you want to watch something interesting then you’ll be in for a ride as well! Nice take on adolescence & coming of age drama with a superhero twist. I give it 8/10!

ps. This post will be edited later with pics/videos once I’m back behind my laptop screen =)

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